IsmToys the source for your physical needs

IsmToys is merging designer toys and Web 3.0

IsmToys is a turnkey solution to your physical needs from 1:1 phygital designer toys to special edition toy runs of 10,000+.

Step 1 - Needs Analysis

Our first step is to understand what are the objectives of your project. This can range from creating a special utility for your community or adding a revenue to your company or DAO. Our Physigital solutions will be designed to help you reach your goals with maximum efficiency.

Step 2 - Execution Plan

Once we have an understanding of your specific needs, the team at ISMTOYS will help craft a solution that best suites your needs. This will include a short term and long term approach.

Step 3 - Prototyping

The next stage is a creation of 3-4 prototypes. These prototypes will help us understand the intricacies of your project while we document every step of this process. Timelapse painting videos, 3D model sneak peaks are some of the strategies that we can deploy to increase FOMO.

Step 4 - Mass Production

Part of your tailored solution may include the mass production of toys. At this stage ISMTOYS would implement our gamification distribution process to build a greater sense of demand with a web 3.0 flare.

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The Bored Ape Chess Set by IsmToys The Bored Ape Chess Set is a generative project of 399 unique NFTs. When an NFT is burnt the owner can then claim a physical chess set made of resin marble and with a wooden board (A burn/claim portal available in discord)


GolemZ Genesis

A project made by IsmToys, the GolemZ Genesis is a collection of 888 hand-drawn NFTs with accompanying/matching 1of1 hand-painted toys connected through NFC technology.The GolemZ Genesis is comprised of 5 Elementals: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and the ultra-rare Ancient elemental. This ambitious project is the first to combine NFTs with hand-painted designer toys at such a large scale. Join the Guard!



We've created Designer Toys for Athletes, Artists, Musicians.. and NFTs.

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